About us

The association Free Circle comes from a large group of fans, students and professionals united by a single passion: the free and open source software (FOSS).

Therefore we support and propose the exchange and sharing of knowledge, as we believe strongly every contribution we give by studying, editing or even just spreading the free software may, in the long run, take a concrete influence on the society in which we live favoring, among other things, the local economy.

The evidences of the changes on our way of life and communicate made by information technology, are plain for all to see.
The versatility, the possibilities of reuse, check and edit brought the free software in such a robustness and reliability, to be present (with the operating system Gnu/Linux) within the 500 most powerful supercomputer, in our smart tv, a good part of our smart phones, and even in unsuspected devices like washing machines, refrigerators, printers, coffee machines and more.

The IT is not end in itself, but it’s a tool to help anyone in achieving an objective. That opens the association Free Circle to partnerships with other local needs like professional studies, public and private companies, schools and universities.

As the same name of our association says, anyone who plan to join us even if unskilled or just to know the benefits of free software, is welcome!