Clubs are thematic environments where the sharing of knowledge on a particular topic (recognized as interesting by Free Circle members) is encouraged.

They have their own life and are self-managed, but they have an expert reference figure in the topic matter that oversees the general organization.

Dates, meeting venues (which may be physical or virtual) and topics to be planned are agreed upon by club members. During the meetings, labs or talks may also be open to the public.

Only members of the Free Circle can join the clubs

Club about web programming

Today web programming has become a complex matter that often sees more figures working with different but complementary skills. Sometimes it is not easy to find the way to get through the maze of information among front-end, back-end, seo, frameworks, libraries, plug-ins and anything else new technologies make available to us at a really frustrating pace. But the final work often repays the effort, it having nothing to envy if compared to the stand-alone programs.
During the meetings we try to shed light on the various aspects

Basic skills of html5, css3, php and js are required.

Club about network and systems

We are all interconnected. We rapidly exchange information, files, images and we have the opportunity to show them at the same time to a multitude of people living on the other side of the world.
At the base of all this, there are communication systems and often invisible networks of which we ignore their nature or even the existence. The knowledge of those systems can lead us to a more effective, efficient and safe use of available devices and resources.

A lot of curiosity is required before skills. We often go deep inside in tecnical concepts in order to better understand some device's "strange" behavior.

Club about Gnu/Linux

The Gnu/Linux environment sometimes sounds like a little scary mythological figure . Everyone talks about it, someone has seen it once, someonelse doesn't even want to hear anything about it, someone would like to have something to do with it, but it does not know where to start.
The Gnu/Linux club was born both to clarify some concepts on the practical aspects of the topic, and to introduce some aspects that are the very basis of every operating system or program.

Events are often open to the public and no prior knowledge is required.

Club about security

The security scope from an IT point of view is a dark pond where information and expertise are never enough. Having to deal with different programming languages, hardware, some aspects of networking, various programs and a certain amount of patience are the daily bread for this kind of topic. Therefore that aspect is not suitable for everyone and the non-expert participants may have to attend some time before being active in the participation.

Good skills of Gnu/Linux environment, C and reverse engineering are required.

Club about Arduino and microcontrollers

We usually make sure the sharing knowledge is not boring because we think we can learn more easily while having fun.
This club where it's treated both the free and open source software and also the open hardware, instead was born just for fun, in the real meaning of the word.
The study of information technology, electronics and servo systems, is aimed at making of autonomous and remote controlled robots for a battle inside a ring.

A great desire to learn electromechanical logic while having fun is required instead of basic skills.